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 21St Century Auto Insurance Company Review

21St Century Auto Insurance Company Review

 21St Century Auto Insurance Company Review

USA currently counts over one hundred companies providing a car owner quite a wide variety to choose from. Here is a presentation of a short review on 21st Century auto insurance firm. It is originally a Los Angeles based firm that is relatively young comparing to other grand auto insurance firms founded in 1954 by Louis W. Foster, and originally called 20th Century Insurance. However it is one of the largest and the fastest growing provider operating in all 50 states. Currently it is owned by Farmers Insurance Group of Companies. This insurance company sells their coverages directly through media or mail, eliminating the need for agents and extra costs for themselves.

Covering the premiums of this company certain data was collected. Undoubtedly the majority of their clients will agree that the auto insurance rate is quite appealing and competitive. 21st Century has amazingly low-cost premiums for those who are considered low risk clients. Yet there is still a problem, as those who reliable and risk free customer receive cheap coverage rates and outstanding services, those who are posing a slightest risk for claims normally get higher prices than expected. They might offer a good rate, however after one accident or violation the monthly costs rise abnormally.

Unfortunately according to the customer reviews, 21st Century customer care leaves something to be desired. Apparently their customer service is extremely hard to reach and when the customer finally gets hold of the representatives they turn out to provide very insufficient aid. There are several cases found of customers complaining of negligence of customer agents resulting in disastrous inconveniences and loses for the customer itself. However one has to take into consideration that 21st Century auto insurance provider specializes to preferred low-risk customers making it for them harder to deal with claims.

As for the availability, 21st Century is quite easy to navigate with. Their website has enough information to answer pretty much any questions; quotes are available on the very main page. You will be able to see offers and specials under the specific section. Additionally they provide you with the guides on how to drive safely, minimizing the risk and thus be more eligible for low-cost auto insurance with them.

21st Century auto insurance firm might not have very large range of coverage plans and policies after checking online, as they primarily concentrate on risk free customers, they do have fairly nice insurance plans for those who are eligible. We have to take account that the company offers cheap prices, because of the enormous amount of loyal clients. There is coverage for bodily injury and property damage while everything else is pretty much optional like plans for underinsured car owner.

All in all it is a pretty competitive and extremely affordable company. It might have its pros and cons, however for those who are responsible drivers with clean driving history it might turn out to be perfect. Dealing with risk-free customers makes it advantageous for those who are eligible for the cheap car insurance rates.

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