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Conquering the Bleak Outlook of Small Business Health Insurance

Conquering the Bleak Outlook of Small Business Health Insurance

 Conquering the Bleak Outlook of Small Business Health Insurance

Small business owners across the nation are feeling the sting of high health care costs. With the national average up ten percent from last year, and the added burden of the economic recession, there are a lot of companies that simply can't hack it anymore. Waiting on health care reform at the present time is a lost cause. Even if an all-encompassing solution miraculously arrived today, the provisions set forth in it wouldn't take effect for another three or four years. And people need health insurance now.

The cost of health care poses a huge threat to small businesses, which are referred to as the "backbone of our economy" by the president. With some individual businesses seeing as much as forty percent increases in their annual premiums, upsetting situations are occurring. Many companies have minimized their plans, required employees to contribute more, or dropped plans altogether. Additionally, companies that do provide health care are reluctant to hire older, or riskier (as far as the health insurance companies are concerned) employees.

The current crisis has lead to a large number of cost containing solutions.

Wellness programs. Wellness programs are programs designed to promote healthy living. Setting a weight loss goal for the company with a financial incentive is an example. You can find calorie-counting charts online, as well as tons of literature.

Nurse hot Lines. Nurse hot lines are becoming more popular nowadays. This gives employees access to nurses 24/7, for helpful advice. It prevents unnecessary doctor's visits, keeping claims to a minimum. It also helps with caring for a chronic disease such as asthma.

Employee choice insurance. Insurance plans that allow you to select which coverage you get are almost commonplace among businesses today. This allows employees to customize their plan, as well as avoid paying for unneeded services.

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