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How to Claim Insurance If You Get Into an Accident ?

How to Claim Insurance If You Get Into an Accident ?

 How to Claim Insurance If You Get Into an Accident ?

Accidents are inevitable. You will never know when it will strike you. Having auto insurance is an assurance that you have funds to cover all the damages and injuries inflicted by the accident, not only to you but to the victims as well.

What is an auto insurance claim?

It is the communication between the driver and the insurance company that damages have occurred to the policy holder, typically as a result of a road accident. However, accidents are not the only scenario wherein drivers can claim their insurances. Car damages from hail damage, theft, natural disasters, cracked windshields, struck animals, fallen trees and vandalism are also some instances in which the car owner can contact his insurance provider to file a claim.

How do you file a claim?

These are the important steps one has to follow when claiming for insurance coverage:

  • It is critical to determine whether you really need to file a claim. There are car insurance companies that keep records of your accidents and claims regardless of fault. This would greatly affect one's insurance premiums. If the damage are minor and can be fixed easily, filing a claim may not be a good idea.
  • Review your auto accident hot sheet checklist.
  • In cases of accidents and there are other drivers involved, exchange personal contacts and auto insurance information.
  • Call the authorities. This is crucial especially if there are disputes on whether who's fault the accident is. The police officer will then investigate, hear both sides of the story and will file the legal and official report of the accident.
  • Notify the company. Whether the driver is responsible for the accident or not, it is important that the insurance provider is informed. This way, the company can help the driver file his or her claims.
  • Always document the accidents. Although the claim has already been filed, it is still an excellent move to document in detail the accidents. This way, the driver is ready if in case the other party's insurance provider contacts the driver to ask for details of the car accident.

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