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The Individual Health Insurance Plan - It Doesn't Add Up

The Individual Health Insurance Plan - It Doesn't Add Up

 The Individual Health Insurance Plan - It Doesn't Add Up

Individual health insurance coverage can be obtained with some careful researching of the many different companies that offer health insurance plans and policies. Generally speaking the cost of an individual health insurance plan will vary from one insurance provider to another. Typically these plans are for individuals that are either self-employed or in some cases unemployed and seeking a job. As you can expect coverage for an individual is more expensive when compared to an insurance plan that covers groups of consumers that you may find working for a small business. Also because there are more folks paying insurance premiums into a group plan the health insurance benefits and coverage may be more extensive then for an individual seeking health insurance on their own.

As mentioned previously, an individual health insurance plan can be located by searching online for health insurance companies or by using a health insurance broker in your state of residence. However, you should be prepared to put in a small amount of work because many state insurance companies may not offer individual health insurance plans or if they do offer health coverage, the details of the plan may leave much to be desired. In fact the cost of the plan may be rather high to include the deductible and there may be a perceived lack of benefits or coverage thus resulting in a substantial amount of out-of-pocket costs. Even worse, if an individual is determined to have a pre-existing condition during the required physical or medical screening then there is a strong possibility that they will be labeled as a high-risk applicant which could result in an even higher insurance premium or even a denial of coverage altogether.

Perhaps the easiest way to qualify for better health insurance rates and benefits is to instead forget about signing up for an individual health insurance plan and instead focus on finding a group health insurance plan that they can become a part of with other self employed people or by finding a job that offers such a plan as part of its benefits package. There's no doubt that these type of plans offer more in terms of better coverage for a cheaper rate when compared to an individual health insurance plan.

Still trying to decide between group health insurance and an individual health insurance plan is a decision that can only be made by someone facing that situation. It really boils down to comparing the two health insurance coverage plans in order to see what the differences, similarities, advantages and disadvantages are between the two. Only then can a consumer make the right choice and receive the health insurance coverage they need and deserve.

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